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Pure Salon Spa Blog

Oh Happy Day!

This Valentine’s Day is a great time to show some Self Love.  After a rigorous January filled with resolutions and goals, February 14th is the perfect day for reflection on successes and triumphs (even if you didn’t accomplish everything on your list).  Focusing on self love and gratitude will create open space for staying focused on the things that are most important. …

New Year Same You

Happy New Year!  Is your motto New Year New You?  After many failed attempts at my new year's resolution I have decided that this year I will take a different approach. It's a little more like New Year Same You (but better).  I can't think of any way worse than starting my…

’Tis The Season

Early in November I get this feeling of nostalgia when thinking about the upcoming holidays.  I picture myself much like the image above.  I imagine a graceful and healthy me shopping for perfect gifts to share with my most loved ones.  Effortlessly I I envision that I will have both the money…

Beauty Tips I Should Have Listened To In My 20’s


Now that I am creeping up on 40 (eeeeeek!) I am finally beginning to understand the importance of taking care of my skin.  My skincare routine started out in my teens using those sandpaper wipes in the container to wipe my face clean.  Those stinky face…



What is Balayage you ask?  Well,  it's defined as a technique for highlighting hair that is painted on in a such a way to make a graduated/natural effect.  I personally love this look and here are five reasons why:



Hello Fall!


Well Hello Fall!  I know, I know.....It's hardly the fall feeling I am going for as I sit here typing this in a tank top with the air condiitioning running.  But,  later this week the forecast is looking more like sweater weather and I just can't deny the adorable…

Helping Others


I feel simultaneously blessed AND guilty to be living in place where the weather has been mostly mild and drama free.  In the wake of the recent natural disasters I have this strong desire to DO SOMETHING but at the same time I don't know really know what to do.  Unfortunately, when these kinds of things…

Not Yet

After these cooler mornings and evenings I have found myself dreaming of all things fall (pumpkin spice latte anyone?).  Buuuuuuut, the thing is, as much as I love fall-summer really is my favorite season.  In the cold and dark days of winter I long for sandals, tank tops, and windows down.  So, even though I'm really looking forward to…

New Year’s Resolution



Well hello August.  Or is it goodbye?  I just can't believe it's the end of summer.  For me summertime means lazy time.  The days are long and hot and they all run together.  My motivation to accomplish tasks is set aside for spontaneous front porch gatherings and a little salt around the rim of my drink.  My…

Get Away

Planning a getaway this summer?  Whether it's the beach with the family, a city concert with your girlfriend, or a rustic mountain retreat make sure that your time spent packing and unpacking doesn't take away that stress free feeling you've been waiting for.  Use these tips to empty out that makeup bag once and for all.



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