April is Earth Month

April is Earth Month

April is Earth Month

When I was a kid we used to celebrate Earth Day at school by going out and planting a tree.  It was literally the only time I ever remember anyone saying anything about taking care of the Earth.  Luckily, now everyone is talking about taking care of the Earth!  And, even better, Earth friendly products, tools, and ideas are really good (and cool) for the beauty regime.


I'll admit that I used to be a product junkie.  I spent a lot of time shopping for new products.  I would try out different makeup, skincare, haircare, you name it....I would have 3 bottles of shampoo and 2 bottles of conditioner in the shower at one time.  None of which I really liked.  I thought I was too broke to buy Aveda salon products even though I loved them.  When I looked at the price tag I just couldn't afford a $16 bottle of shampoo or $40 for the liter!!!!!  Or, could I? 


When I started adding up how much money I spent on those $6-9 (sometimes $10) wasted bottles I realized I was way overspending.  So, one day I got an Aveda gift card and instead of spending it on the services I splurged and got 2 liters of Shampure (1 conditioner and 1 shampoo). GASP!!!  I almost passed out when I handed over my entire gift card and some additional cash.  Soon, however, I was pleasantly surprised and hooked.


First, I LOVE the product, so that was a given.  Next, my shower had so much more room!  Finally, the shampoo lasted for 7 months and the conditioner for a year!  Talk about savings.  And I realized how good those big bottles are for the Earth.  Once a year I recycle two big bottle (and I always reuse my pumps) vs. 6 bottles every 3 months.  I feel like I have achieved the highest maturity status.  I walk around so proud of my eco-friendly and budget savvy decision. 


What's stopping you from buying those big bottles?

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