Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe



Last year I had an epiphany that I had too many things clogging up my life (more about this later).  So, I decided to either donate, give away, or trash everything that wasn't useful.  The outcome was extremely positive and I have learned so much about what I need and what I don't.  The best thing that came out of my "material cleansing" was the Capsule Wardrobe.


Yes, my friends I rid myself and my closet of all of the clothes that I didn't like, no longer fit, never wore, and any duplicates (why did I have 6 pairs of jeans?).  I did a lot of extensive research (and by "extensive" I mean surfing the internet on what I really needed to feel confident and look presentable).  The next thing I knew I had what the "trendsetters" call a capsule wardrobe and I absolutely LOVE it.


As it turns out, I was really only wearing a selection of my favorite clothes anyway.  Everyday I would normally try on a few different things looking for the right fit, but in the end I always had the same look:  skinny jeans, a sweater or tee, and boots.  Now, all I am left with are my favorite pieces that actually go together and can be rotated in and out to make perfect outfits.

Here's how it works.  Take all of your clothes out of your closet/drawers/etc and lay it all on your bed.  You can quickly eliminate all things that are not in this season because each season will have it's own capsule.  So, like snow boots and heavy coats can go in storage (although I do suggest only keeping ONE of each).  I also quickly put together a drawer of workout clothes and pj's.  (I eliminated a lot of that too, but that is not part of my "capsule.")  Now, start putting aside all things that don't fit, you haven't worn in the last year, and are no longer in style.  For me, this part was easy once I was honest about what I don't really wear anymore.  If you're not ready to purge just yet, put it in storage so you have the security of knowing you can go back to it in a state of emergency (in case of a- lucky t shirt for national championship game-kind of situation). 


Now, think about what you MUST have for the season.  Take Spring for example, you will need a light sweater, rain boots, a jacket, and some light shirts.  Put those items together with you favorite pants and you've done it! Try reducing down to 15-30 pieces. Now, all you need are some cute accessories that will interchange with your outfits. Think scarfs, statement necklace, hat, and belts.


Mine consists of a white tunic, light nude sweater, grey tee, striped long sleeve, thin sweater, neutral tank, chambray, black tank tunic, striped dress, decorative skirt, white skinny jeans and dark wash skinny jeans.  A few pairs of shoes, black leggings, and a jacket or two, and I am good to go.  I can use these pieces to make tons of different outfits.  For example I can wear the black tunic with white jeans and sweater, black tunic with skirt and chambray, black tunic with dark wash jeans and scarf/sandals, and the list goes on and on. I can change out the black tunic for the grey tee in those very same combos and I look totally different.  That's like 6 outfits already!


I highly suggest trying this out.  My closet and drawers are so clean and my mornings are so easy. But, most importantly I walk around feeling confident and comfortable every day.  I would love to hear your thoughts or answer questions about how to get started. 

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