All Natural

All Natural

All Natural

Can I just be completely honest?  I haven't really put a lot of effort into my eyebrows.  My current eyebrow care consists of me looking into my rearview mirror while driving and panicking when I notice a ton of tiny stray hairs taking over my forehead.  I then go home and pluck those away.  I like to save waxing for special occasions like graduation, wedding, and......well that's about it.


Buuut, a few weeks ago my friend commented on a picture of mine saying my "brows are in style."  Whaaat?!?!?!?  So, I spent a few minutes trying to update myself on what she meant.  I soon realized that while I am by no means "in style" natural brows are a thing right now.  They are called the "feathered brow" and are "on fleek" according to those who know what's going on in the world of beauty.


Unfortunately the natural look does not mean unmaintained and totally free spirited. However, if you have a thicker brow-a little tweaking will put you on the A-list of brow beauty.  A wisp of a brow brush toward the brow line, a light line with a brow pencil, and a swab of clear brow gel (I use one tiny drop of Aveda flaxseed gel) and you've got yourself an awesome brow.  


Audrey had it going on all those years ago and now we can too!





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