Let's Talk Coconut Oil

Let's Talk Coconut Oil

Let's Talk Coconut Oil


Are we over coconut oil?  Or is it still a thing?  I don't know but for a while it seemed like everywhere I turned someone is telling me about a way that they have incorporated this magic oil into their lives.  Obviously it is a great substitute for oils/butter in the kitchen, but it also has a million uses in the beauty department too.  People are using it to wash their face, remove scars and wrinkles, moisturize their hair, and brush their teeth.  So, what was a girl like me to do?  Stand back while others reaped the benefits of this miracle goo?  Nope. I willfully jumped on the bandwagon and am now a commited user in any and all areas.  In fact, I have a bottle in most rooms of my home (kitchen, bath, and bedrooms) and just slap it on something all day long. 


But, my favorite thing to do with this gunk is swish.  Yes, swish.  I put it in my mouth and swish it around like mouthwash.  Why?  Well, one day I was surfing the internet and stumbled across an article on "oil pulling."  Apparently, this is the name for a fancy ritual of using oil to rinse your mouth.  While doing so, you are (supposedly) able to free your body of toxins, repair mouth sores, whiten your teeth, gain tons of energy, and become just perfectly well all over. 


Sooo, I did some extensive research (surfing the internet while fighting off my daughter who wanted to use the ipad to watch sesame street) and learned the proper methods (according to that half of a blog post I read) and started my own swishing. 


Here's how I do it:


Step 1- Put one tablespoon of oil in mouth first thing in morning before eating or drinking anything.  (Don't worry, that feeling like you just put a pat of lard in your mouth will go away quickly once the oil melts)


Step 2-Swish around like mouthwash for anywhere from 5-10 minutes (there is a lot of conflict on how much time you are supposed to do it so I just made up the time that I think is best).


Step 3-Spit in the trash can (DON'T SPIT IN SINK-it could clog drains).


Step 4-Swish with a little water and spit. 


Step 5- Drink my morning cup of joe.


Step 6-Brush teeth.


Yes, it's that simple.  I've been doing this sporadically for a few months now and I have seen some benefits.  My teeth were instantly whiter.  Like instantly-which is awesome and such a money saver from the expensive, chemical filled whiteners.  I do have more energy in the mornings (but I also drink coffee-so not sure which is the cause).  I have refrained from getting my kids nasty colds through the winter months (which has never happened before).  And, obviously I am free from any and all mouth toxins (at least I think I am).

Seriously though, I do think it is working.  It takes very little time, costs little money, and I think of it as a way that I can "pamper" myself by doing a little something to better my body.  


What are your uses for coconut oil?  I would love to learn a few new tricks. 







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