Wedding Season

Wedding Season

Wedding Season


Well folks, wedding season is upon us.  I just spent last weekend at our very close friends' wedding.  I just love the excitement, joy, tears, and emotions that come with weddings.  They are truly cherished moments for all involved.


Whether it's a casual beach destination or a formal event at the Ritz-one thing that is sure to be at the top of the list is the bride's "look." Trends are changing constantly and each bride has her "vision" of what she will look like on her wedding day.


Have a wedding coming up?  Here are some tips to help you acheive that look you have always dreamed of.


First off, visualize what you want to look like.  Use Pinterest and magazine articles to help you and others understand exactly what you want.  Your vision of hair half up and half down may be very different from your stylist's.  Images always help you communicate and acheive that special look.


Next, steer clear of the hottest trends.  There is SOOOO much information and advice about what to look like.  But,  just because bride magazines say it's a good thing doesn't mean that it's the right fit for you.  Stay with the look you've always wanted and be true to yourself.  Your confidence will soar as you walk into the room feeling the way you'd always dreamed of.  


On the flip side, throw out those old traditions.  If you're not into wearing a garter, then don't.  If you really want to wear your favorite pair of sneakers, then go for it.  Just be you.    


Lastly, take care of yourself.  I don't mean go sign up for latest version of Boot Camp.  But, try to keep stress low, keep smiling, and remember what this day is really about.  Oh-and use sunscreen because.....well, just always use sunscreen.







Regardless of your look/style you will surely be beautiful because you are happy and in love!  Call me old school, but I love the tradition of marriage and bringing together two people who are truly in love.  Oh, and there's nothing more fun than watching a crazy uncle break it down on the dance floor.

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