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Tips To Keep Your Beauty Your Best- Eyes

The eyes say it all. Keep your eyes looking bright and beautiful with some of these helpful tips.

Tips To Keep Your Beauty Your Best

Tips to keep your beauty your best

Ways to Beautify

So what’s your best defense against chapped lips, straw hair, and a parched complexion? Try these strategies along with our best kept Aveda secret and win your beauty battle against Mother Nature.

Recycle Caps with Aveda

Bottle caps and lids are made out of a different type of plastic #5(polypropylene), which requires a different recycling process. Put down your water bottle for a second and flip it over. On the bottom, you’ll probably see a triangle with chasing arrows and a #1 on the inside. That means that the bottle is polyethylene, a plastic generally accepted for recycling in most curbside and drop-off programs. But have you ever checked the lid? More than likely, the lid doesn’t have a number on it. Or, if it does, it’s a different number than the bottle itself and for some reason many recycling companies don’t like that type. However, Aveda doesn’t discriminate when it comes to recycling, so bring us your bottle caps. We would love to recycle them for you!

70 Little Secrets Every Woman Should Know

70 Little Secrets Every Woman Should Know

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Spring/Summer 2014 Makeup Trends

Is Your Pillowcase Causing Damage?

Silk isn't just for Cinderella!

How to get Healthy Luscious Locks

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Cellulite Doesn't Stand A Chance

Cellulite Doesn't Stand A Chance

Are You Exfoliating Correctly?

Exfoliating is very important to achieve soft, moisturized skin.

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